You may choose to answer one of our calls for help and donate your time in assisting us in putting on a special event. Or you may choose to donate some time each week on one of the duties described below. Please fill out our Contact Form at the end of this page or email us if you wish us to contact you about one of these opportunities: cooking/gardening/grounds/maintenance/Gift Shop/Tour Guides/Hospitality/Library

You may devote your time and efforts in writing grants for us. We need someone who is expert in grant writing to assist us in getting grants to support our many projects, site development, Tibetan and Mongolian summer camps, education programs, library development, charitable projects, Dharma translation study group, and outreach. 

Grant Writing


Attend our Teachings



Request a Puja

There are no fees set for the prayers or pujas you request although it is customary to give a donation. Please contribute what you are able to give. All donations assist the TMBCC and Kumbum Chamtse Ling Monastery in performing the mission that His Holiness the Dalai Lama has given to us. It is through your gifts that this work can be accomplished. Please support this work.​

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(812) 336-6807

Summer Camp

for Children

Creation of

Sand Mandala

One of the unique and sacred arts of Tibetan Buddhism is the representation of Buddhist spiritual symbols. The sand mandala is used as a tool for the consecration or blessing of the earth and its inhabitants. It provides the practitioner a visual framework for establishing the enlightened mind of the Buddha. The following are some mandalas that our monks can construct at your request.


The Mandala of the Medicine Buddha.​

The Mandala of the Buddha of Compassion.​

The Mandala of Yamantaka (Wrathful Manifestation of the Buddha of Wisdom).

The Mandala of Ghuyasamaja.

The Mandala of Amatayus.

Creation of

Butter Sculpture

In the Tibetan Buddhist culture, exquisite butter sculptures are offered to the objects of refuge as a part of a sacred religious ceremony. After the offering ceremony, you can keep the sculpture on your altar as a unique item of art.

Creation of

Buddhist Ritual Cakes

Torma (in the Tibetan language) are constructed as a part of a ritual representation and offering to deities for various purposes. These decoreated cakes are constructed from Tsampa (roasted barley flour) and often have additional special ingredients.

Prayer Flags

One can increase one's positive karma and power over life, wealth, and health through hanging the wind horse symbol high up in the sky. This activity will be performed according to the Tibetan tradition with recitation of required prayers.

Consecration and Blessings

The monks can consecrate statues, thangkas, and ritual dharma objects while performing special blessings and prayers for the ill and deceased, the blessing of a marriage, or the birth of a child. One can bring dharma objects to the temple for consecration and blessings.



You may sponsor one or more of our building and grounds constructions and maintenance projects as well as our annual festivals and summer camps. 

Charitable Projects

The TMBCC in tandem with the TCCW (Arjia Rinpoche's center in California) is engaged in charitable projects to support Mongolians and Tibetans-in-exile. 

Establish Kumbum West Monastery

Following the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we are in the process of establishing a Learning Institution called Kumbum West. This institution will provide Buddhist teachings and cultural studies in the traditional areas of philosophy, art, cosmology, medical science, meditation, and language. In addition, Kumbum West will promote interfaith harmony by engaging speakers from different religions to give lectures and workshops appropriate to their faith traditions. Please contact at 812-336-6807 for details in how to get involved in establishing Kumbum West.

Wish list

You may purchase items on our Wish List that will provide needed materials necessary for the operation of our center. You may help forward our mission by contributing items that we need. Currently, we are looking for donations of the following: Snow Plow/Storage Shed to contain our folding tables and chairs/Toner for duplicating machine/Hand tools/Bow saws/Garden rakes/Rubber garden hoses/Adopt a picnic table for our grounds or sponsor a bench for restful contemplation along the Kora Nature Meditation trail. (The picnic tables are wooden and cost $80.00 each at Lowe's.)/Benches: We wish to place park type benches along the Kora. Benches will be positioned along the Kora in areas with serene views overlooking the creek and by the Small wildlife Pond and the Lotus Pond.